Love Division - Locomotora

1. Rock And Roll Rollercoaster
2. Honey, I Don't Mind
3. Animal Song
4. Helter Skelter
5. Southern States

Recorded at Reno Studio (Madrid) and Salademáquinas (Lorca).
Produced by Love Division and Fernando Pardo. © 2012

After almost a year in the studio, in 2012 Love Division delivers the first fruits of their new crop of songs. This 'Locomotora' EP blows like a sonic hurricane that matches in the studio the raw energy of Love Division's incendiary performances. From the melodic explosion of 'Rock And Roll Rollercoaster' to the last notes of 'Southern States', through the sweaty, intense beat of 'Honey, I Don't Mind' or the twisted turns of 'Animal Song', 'Locomotora' displays high caliber songwriting backed up by a solid-rock execution. A larger-than-life example of what underground rock music should look and sound like.

Love Division - The Velvet Revolution

1. Nothing We Believe In
2. Troubled Ways
3. I Bleed When You Bleed
4. For Nothing
5. You Got It All Worked Out
6. Angelene
7. This Is The Warzone
8. I Must Be Your Satellite
9. Three Headed Woman
10. Coming Back To Life
11. The Velvet Revolution
12. Life Will Never Be The Same

Recorded at Geek Studios in Madrid and Sun Studio in Memphis.
Produced by Fernando Pardo. © 2009

In July '09 Love Division finally deliver their long awaited first studio album, produced by Fernando Pardo (Sex Museum, LosCoronas). 'The Velvet Revolution' is a record full of energy, raw power, elegance, darkness and lyricism. Full of powerful guitar driven rock songs, of suggestive choruses and skin deep emotion, of riffs, nihilism and decadence. And most importantly, full of great songs. From the declaration of principles of ‘Nothing We Believe In' to the strength and raw energy of ‘Troubled Ways' or ‘This Is The Warzone', through the touching ‘For Nothing' or ‘The Velvet Revolution' all the way to the goodbye represented by ‘Life Will Never Be The Same', the album is a sonic explosion of excess and redemption that awakens the senses and slaps them in the face.

Love Division - Live In NYC

1. Troubled Ways
2. World War III
3. Three Headed Woman
4. Black Rain
5. You Do It Again

Recorded live in CBGB & Arlene's Grocery, New York. © 2007

'Live In NYC' is Love Division's critically acclaimed first official release. Recorded live at New York City's legendary CBGB and Arlene's Grocery, this 5 song e.p. captures the explosive energy of Love Division live performances. From the immediate in-your-face feel of 'Troubled Ways' and 'You Do It Again' to the epic riff overload of 'World War III' and 'Three Headed Woman' through the dark atmospheres of 'Black Rain', 'Live In NYC' takes us on a ride of anthemic rock sing-alongs and midnight glamour. A rock powertrip that bites and doesn't let go. Love is supposed to be gentle… this one will break you in two