gibson les paul
marshall jcm 900 mkIII

pure soul. dirty voice. raw power.

un consejo: check your head

all time favourites:
superunknown - soundgarden
low - david bowie
vs. - pearl jam
wildflowers - tom petty
beggar's banquet - the rolling stones
kid a - radiohead
powertrip - monster magnet
grace - jeff buckley
violator - depeche mode
facelift - alice in chains

on the stereo:
journal for plague lovers - manic street preachers
touch and go: anthology - magazine
nebraska - bruce springsteen
i'm the man - joe jackson
first in line - the devilrock four
crashbeat - muletrain
vol.1 - the traveling wilburys
crack the skye - mastodon
no line on the horizon - u2
el baile final... - los coronas
ritual de lo habitual - jane's addiction


faster. louder. more.

bass man

no, it isn't me,
no, it isn't me,
no, it isn't me,
I'm more at home in my